【Standard】 Introducing original cocktail

Dinig BAR Hidden Lounge AzabuJuban provides many of our original cocktails that you can not drink elsewhere. Original cocktails such as cocktails using fruits, cocktails using spices such as ginger and pepper, and original cocktails such as cream cheese and bacon are included. Please try when visiting our BAR.

【Standard】 Hidden Lounge Original cocktail

★Beauty★Mix Berry Kitty

It used plenty of blueberry, raspberry, blackberry and combined with red wine and ginger ale. Mix berry is said to have strong antioxidant effect and high skin beautification effect. Not only beauty effects but also excellent taste. It is especially recommended for women.

1,000 yen (excluding tax)

Mosquoele with grated grated

Grate fresh ginger on the spot and make it cocktail with umami and hotness in the most fresh state. Accent the black pepper to finish. It is a very spicy Moscomuleu for adults.

1,000 yen (excluding tax)

Bacon vodka martini

This cocktail is based on smoked flavored homemade vodka which pickles bacon in vodka for 2 weeks to extracts umami. In addition, add a little smoky malt whiskey and shake it. It is simple, but unique, preference is divided gem.

1,000 yen (excluding tax)

Tiramisu cocktail

This cocktail uses cream cheese, espresso, cacao liqueur, rum. Rich, sweet and luxurious liquor. It looks like a tiramisu to drink. Please drink as tightened dessert.

1,200yen (excluding tax)

Plenty of mint mojito

Our popular classic cocktail mojito. We offer it as an ordinary menu, but the temperature has also gotten hotter, it has become a season when I want to drink mojito, so I will recommend it again. It is a rich and exhilarating mojito using mint in a glass filled tank.

1,000yen (excluding tax)

Adult fresh banana milk

Using a whole banana, a cocktail made with milk and jack daniel honey. It’s like a fresh drink that makes me want to have a drink in the morning when It’s about to have breakfast. It is easier to drink and You will drink it immediately, but You have alcohol securely!

1,000yen (excluding tax)