【New Item】Ichiro’s Malt Chichibu Single Cask Mizunara heads Hogshead For Claude Whisky

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Today we are pleased to announce the arrival of Ichiro’s Malt Chichibu Single Cask Mizunara Heads Hogshead for Claude Whisky in Gifu Prefecture, newly released as a PB from the Chichibu distillery.

Bottled at the Chichibu distillery as a private bottle to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the operation of craft whisky specialist Claude Whisky.

This single cask whisky is matured for approximately 8 years in a ‘Mizunara Heads Hogshead’, with only the mirror plate made from Mizunara oak.

1.Ichiro’s Malt Chichibu Single Cask Mizunara Heads Hogshead for Claude Whisky


A second fill (*1) hogshead (*2) of the original spirit distilled in 2014,This single cask Japanese whisky was matured for approximately eight years in a Mizunara Heads hogshead with only the mirror plate changed to Mizunara wood before bottling.

※1 ; The process of removing the original whisky from the casks used to mature the whisky and then re-introducing the original whisky to mature the whisky again.
※2 ; Bourbon barrels that have been dismantled and reassembled.

Tasting Notes

FlavorRipe apple, vanilla, French toast and orange citrus behind it.
TasteApple juice, fruity and gorgeously sweet like fruit candy.
AftertasteGentle sweetness that envelops the tongue, with apple and pear fruit notes and minty coolness.

Product Specifications

Alcohol content62%
Liquor categories Single malt Japanese whisky
Cask typesecond fill Mizunara Heads hogshead
Volume and quantity700ml
No. of products sold228 bottles
MSRP25,300 yen (tax included)
Date of release2023.

Offer price

At the BAR Shinkai, one glass costs 45ml:6,930 yen,  30ml:4,620 yen, 15ml:2,310yen

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