【New Item】Saburomaru IV THE EMPEROR

Since the beginning of our operations, we have been committed to smoky whisky and brew our whisky with Islay peated malt and, more recently, peated malt from Toyama Prefecture. In order to preserve the natural flavor, no cooling filtration or coloring is used.

The fifth product, Saburomaru IV THE THEEMPEROR, is almost the same as the previous Saburomaru III THE EMPRESS in terms of barrel composition, etc., with the only difference being the origin of the peat.

The “Empress” in III has a somewhat feminine nuance with the use of Islay peated.

The IV “Emperor” is straight and powerful with smokiness from the Highland peat, and masculine nuances like dry wood burning.

Please enjoy its powerful smokiness.

At “BAR Shinkai“, a glass of “Emperor” is available for 45ml: 4,290 yen, 30ml: 2,860 yen, and 15ml: 1,430 yen.

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