【New item】Single Malt Whisky Shizuoka Pot Still W 100% Pure Japanese Barley First Edition

New whisky from Shizuoka distillery, with a delicate, light taste of Japanese malt.

Thank you very much for your continued patronage of Azabu Juban BAR Shinkai.

Today we are pleased to announce the arrival of the new Shizuoka Pot Still W Pure Japanese Barley First Edition from the Gaia Flow Shizuoka Distillery in Shizuoka Prefecture.

This is the third in the W series, consisting of the original spirit from wood-fired direct distiller W, the successor to Shizuoka Distillery’s latest release, Prologue W, which was released in 2021.

100% Japanese barley.This is a Japanese whisky made exclusively from non-peated bourbon cask-matured spirit.

1,Single Malt Whisky Shizuoka Pot Still W 100% Pure Japanese Barley First Edition


Non-peated, yet aromatic, with a charred, rich body derived from open flames.

『The long-awaited combination of wood-fired distillation and Japanese malt has been realised.The mellowness of the direct wood-fired malt blends with the delicate, light taste of Japanese malt to create a single malt with a gentle, expansive character.
In order to preserve this taste, we dare to blend only the original spirit matured in ex-bourbon casks.Enjoy a whisky that is unique in the world.』(Cited from:【New Products】「Shizuoka Pot Still W Pure Japanese barley  first edition」To be released! | GAIAFLOW BLOG

Tasting Notes

FlavorVanilla, creamy sweetness and savoury like puff pastry
TasteCream puffs, crème brûlée, sweetened barley
AftertasteVanilla aroma and ethereal nuances,
Pleasant aftertaste of savoury notes.

Product Specifications

Alcohol content55.5%
Liquor categoriesSingle malt Japanese whisky
Cask typeBourbon casks
Volume and quantity700ml
No. of products soldLimited edition of 2,500
MSRP18,150 yen(including tax)
Date of releaseEnd of May 2023.

Offer price

At the BAR Shinkai, one glass costs 45ml:4,950 yen,  30ml:3,300 yen, 15ml:1,650 yen.

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