【New Item】Mars Malt Le Papillon, single cask, Nagasaki Ageha

Mars Malt Le Papillon” is a series of whisky bottles that uses butterflies native to Japan as a motif to express the splendor of Japan’s seasonal climate and natural environment, which forms the environment in which whisky is matured.

The theme of this product is the large butterfly “Nagasaki-ageha”, whose name is derived from the fact that Siebold collected it in Nagasaki, and the barrels were selected based on the image of a female with whitened wings, which can be seen in the Nansei Islands in Japan, sucking honey from hibiscus flowers, which is a typical tropical scene. It will be distilled at the Mars Tsunuki Distillery in 2019 and aged in sherry casks at the Yakushima Aging Cellar.

This single cask single malt whisky is distilled in 2019 at the Mars Tsunuki distillery and aged in sherry casks at the Yakushima aging cellar, then bottled at natural cask strength and non-chill filtered. Limited to 621 single cask whiskies.

Offer price

At “BAR SHINKAI“, we offer small quantities such as 45ml: 4620 yen, 30ml: 3080 yen, and 15ml: 1540 yen per glass.


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