[New Item]Ichiro’s Malt salon de Shimaji Private Bottle

Ichiro’s Malt Salon de Shimaji Private Bottle / New Item

1.Ichiro’s Malt Salon de Shimaji

Japanese whisky is one of the world’s top five whiskies, and its high quality is now recognized around the world. Among these Japanese whiskies, Ichiro’s Malt is the whisky that has attracted the most attention in recent years.

Ichiro’s Malt is a brand of whiskey produced and sold by Venture Whiskey, based in Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture.Although it is still a new whiskey maker, founded in 2004, its existence is well known among whiskey fans around the world.

In 2006, Ichiro’s Malt King of Diamonds, one of the many Ichiro’s Malt products in the Ichiro’s Malt lineup, received the highest “Gold Award” in the Japanese Malt special issue of Whisky Magazine, a whisky magazine read by whisky fans worldwide.In recent years, it has become one of Japan’s most popular Japanese whiskeys and is highly acclaimed around the world.

The planning of this project was handled by Mr. Katsuhiko Shimaji, who is so famous among whiskey fans that he is almost a legend.

Mr. Shimaji, who has a deep knowledge of cigars as well as whiskey, supervised the entire process from tasting to bottling, and his attention to detail is reflected in every aspect of this bottle, which of course goes perfectly with the cigar.

Offer Price

Release bottles in 2022

 Ichiro’s Malt Shimaji Private Brand Wine Cask
 At the BAR Shinkai, one glass costs 45ml:6,270yen 、30ml:4,180yen、15ml:2,090yen.

 Ichiro’s Malt Shimaji Private Bottle Peated
 At the BAR Shinkai, one glass costs 45ml:6,930yen 、30ml:4,620yen、15ml:2,310yen.

Release bottles in 2023

 Ichiro’s Malt Shimaji Private Bottle virgin oak
 At the BAR Shinkai, one glass costs 45ml:7,590yen 、30ml:5,060yen、15ml:2,530yen.

 Ichiro’s Malt Shimaji Private Bottle ex peated 
 At the BAR Shinkai, one glass costs 45ml:7,260yen 、30ml:4,840yen、15ml:2,420yen.

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